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Beyond a Bakery

Where it's sweet to be gluten free!

Baby Doll Bakery is what we like to call "beyond a bakery." Our gluten free shop also specializes in dairy free and vegan options.

The decadent desserts from our retail store are provided by a collective of talented, specialty bakers. All of our main bakers prepare their products by hand from scratch in our kitchen or in local, commercial kitchens that are dedicated gluten free.

When you shop at our store you support multiple small businesses that are women owned!

Hi! My name is Nicole and I became the owner of Sweet Natalie’s Bakery in November 2020. I love people and I love sharing my love of gluten free foods with people. I have been gluten free for over 7 years, was a customer of Sweet Natalie’s when they were in Geneva, and I built the gluten free kitchen out next door when they moved to Wheaton.

Even though the name has changed to Baby Doll Bakery, please remember that we will ALWAYS: be 100% gluten free, continue to have your favorite products that you are accustomed to, have a great selection of dairy free and vegan options, and the capacity for special order party cakes!



We love our customers!

Our Gluten Free Gallery